Coming Together-The Working Families Summit

DUBUQUE – A conference held at the Northeast Iowa Community College campus in Dubuque sparked debate among different groups of people about current labor issues.Summit Meeting Two

The NAACP, Dubuque Federation of Labor, Inclusive Dubuque, League of United Latin American Citizens, and other groups and individuals came together on Saturday, November 7, to host the event. While you did have to register in advance, the event was free and open to the general public.NAACP

Several speakers addressed crowds both in a large group and in break-out sessions. Discussions were led concerning such important issues as raising the state minimum wage, the future of healthcare and education, and how to best deal with immigration into the Dubuque area.

The labor groups participated in each of these discussions, which brought about possible solutions as well as allowing people to connect over common problems.

John Nichols, a writer forĀ The Nation magazine, was the keynote speaker at the summit, and felt that it was a good idea for the Dubuque community. In an interview, he stated, “I’ve come here, at least in part, because I think Dubuque is doing something that’s ahead of the curve, that’s visionary, and, my sense is we can learn from Dubuque and take it to other places…”John Nicols

In addition to workers and leaders around the Dubuque area, Iowa Senate leader Pam Jocum took time from her busy schedule to attend and participate in the discussions.Senator Jocum

Those who attended the event hope that it has caused unity among different social justice groups. Depending upon its success, there may be more of these events in the future.

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