Coming Soon: Faster Internet for Students

LORAS COLLEGE – Even after a mishap last Thursday the Loras Tech Center is hoping to update to a bigger data package.

The Loras College network went down on Thursday after an auger tearing out a power line pole cut through the fiber optic line that connects the Visitation and Keane Hall. This caused a 19 hour campus wide network outage.

The line that connects Visitation and Keane provides the connection to Loras’ internet provider. That line, along with another line that connects Visitation fire alarm with Campus Security were replaced.  A hole was dug into the Alta Vista sidewalk at around 2 p.m. Thursday to locate the cable. The construction crew searched for 8 hours before finding the cable. A technician started working on repairing the cable that night and had the network up and running by  7 the next morning.

This happened around the same time as the Tech Center is trying to update the network five times it’s current capacity. The network currently is set at 200 MB per second but the upgrade will allow for 1 GB per second. Jim Anderson, Loras’ Chief Technology Officer, said that at first the Internet will be left open, hoping that it will be enough data for the whole school.

“With students bringing more devices then we provide them we know we have to have a stronger guest wireless network…we take a look at the data we have, we take a look at what everyone is using and we try and shape that way” Jim told us.

As the year goes on the Jim says the Tech center will shape the traffic so the data is being used efficiently. The tech center will update the firewall first on the Monday of spring break to handle the increased data then on Good Friday will switch to the new network.

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