College students aim to ‘Take Back the Night’ on campus

DUBUQUE – Students from all over Dubuque gathered in Clarke University’s cafeteria for a night that very well may have changed their lives forever.

Take Back the Night offered students, faculty, and community members a chance to see skits as well as hear amazing firsthand testimonies from victims of sexual assault. The campus organization OVE+R helped to organize and run the event, while promoting the notion that “Consent is Sexy.”

Secretary Carrie Crabill described the impact events such as Take Back the Night can have on students and others affected by sexual assault, “It lets you know that different friends or people that go to the same school are survivors. To know that maybe you’re not the only one, or your friend’s not the only one, it makes a huge difference to know that it’s actually a real thing on campus.”

While Take Back the Night is primarily focused on ending sexual assault on college and university campuses, the message was received loud and clear: victims and survivors, wherever they may be, are not alone.


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Rachel Choice is a senior from Batavia, IL. She reports for LCTV News and acts as Director for SportsZone as well as Producer for LCTV+, the online social media presence for News. Rachel hopes to one day work in film and television production, and chose Loras as the perfect school to gain the experience she couldn’t receive elsewhere.

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