City Residents could soon be seeing a change in their Garbage Pickup System

DUBUQUE, Iowa (LCTV) – The City of Dubuque plans to spend $2 million dollars in automating its garbage pickup system.

Officials seek to reduce labor by implementing an automatic lift that will pick up and dump all trash into each garbage truck. Currently works physically have to get to pick up and dump all garbage.  

Though some routes will become fully automated the city doesn’t plan on laying off any workers.

“We’ll also have some tight areas throughout our community were will still need two people for safety concerns.  

Dubuque Resource Management Coordinator Anderson Sainci

Some benefits include trash containment, higher worker’s health, and safety.  The Public Works Department is waiting for City Council approval to announce an official launch date.

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Asia Singleton is a senior at Loras from Chicago, IL. She currently works as a reporter and producer for LCTV News. Asia is majoring in Media Studies.

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