City of Dubuque Focuses on Reducing Gas Emissions

DUBUQUE, Iowa (LCTV) – The issue of climate change is felt on a global scale, but also on a local one. The city of Dubuque has goals to stay green for the coming years.

The Mississippi River was above flood stage for a historic 86 days last year. As the environment shifts around us, it’s vital for the public to stay informed.

Dubuque’s Sustainable Community Coordinator, Gina Bell, offered a few ways to stay ahead of climate change. She stated that one goal is to reduce gas emissions. She said, “There’s a bunch of resources on Sustainable Driving less is one way. Planting a garden is another way, or a tree. Those are sort of really tangible easy things that we can do.”

While there are ways that the Dubuque community can act individually, the city also has bigger goals on the horizon. The city is aiming to make history in the state. According to Bell, “We’re certainly toying with the idea of becoming the first carbon-neutral city in the state of Iowa. Dubuque sees itself as a leader in sustainability, especially in the state of Iowa.” With both individual and collective actions, the battle against climate change will be easier.

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