Circular Reasoning: Adding New Roundabouts in Dubuque

Dubuque, IA – As part of its programs to revitalize Dubuque, the Dubuque City Council has worked on projects to improve local buildings and roadways. One of these programs involves adding roundabouts in an effort to insure the safety of motorists in particularly busy intersections.

Basing this program on the success of the new roundabout located at North Grandview Avenue, Delhi Street, and Grace Street, the city is planning to construct additional roundabouts along University Avenue. Council members formally approved the building of more roundabouts recently, and have initiated surveys and other pre-construction activities in preparation for the future projects. These include the intersections of University Avenue with Grandview Avenue, University Avenue with Loras Boulevard, University Avenue with Asbury Road, and University with Pennsylvania Avenue.

LCTV spoke with Mr. Jon Dienst, the Second Engineer for the City of Dubuque, about the project. He said that it is all progressing nicely, and that the new improvements should not disrupt too much private property, as the city owns some land around each of the intersections.

He also recognized that not everybody likes roundabouts, and that they may take some getting used to.

However, he expressed the city’s belief that improved safety will make up for the inconveniences. He said, “People are more cautious when they’re driving through it, because it’s different-it forces them to slow down, they have to make that deflection, yield, merge with traffic and go through the intersection…”

The City recently received full funding for the University and Grandview intersection from the Iowa Department of Transportation. They also received funds for the other projects from several other grants and sources. The city hopes t0 start actual construction in 2018.

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