Chess club begins third year of play

Last Thursday night, students had the opportunity to attend this year’s first Loras Chess Club meeting. Tables were labeled to sort students into their varying skill sets, from “I’m not sure how to play” to “I’m a chess fiend!” These labels were meant to welcome students of all levels of knowledge into Chess Club, whether they were looking to learn the game or just have a great time playing. Students were able to really enjoy themselves by sitting down, playing a few games, munching on some free pizza and getting to talk to all of the interesting people that came and went through the night. Both new and veteran players alike greeted each new face that came through the door.

“I was surprised that Loras did not have a Chess Club when I came here three years ago, so I figured I would start one and see how it goes,” said Dr. Benjamin Darr, a professor of politics and the faculty supervisor to the Chess Club. He went on to say that he hopes for the Chess Club to grow this year, and he hopes that those with any skill level will be comfortable attending meetings. Those in Chess Club really enjoy being able to play, as well as the friendships that they have formed in common interests and competition.

For those considering Chess Club, meetings take place every Thursday night at 6 p.m. in Hoffmann Room 212. For all of those that want to learn or play, try it out, and maybe find a new hobby or another excuse to hang out with friends.

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