Chatting with Collins: November update

Although the semester is winding down, many major changes at Loras are just getting started.

president collins
President Collins

However, there are always many rumors that begin to circulate with big changes. There has been some misinformation spread saying that Hennessey will be torn down next semester, but this is most definitely not true, said President Jim Collins.

One change that is coming: On Dec. 17 and 18, the business professors will be moving to Keane Hall for next semester. Other courses also are scheduled to take place on the third floor of Keane Hall, Collins said. Early next semester, there likely will be conversation with faculty about any additional relocations to Keane Hall or Hoffmann Hall from Hennessey. There also will be investigations into whether to add more classrooms in the lower level of the ARC as well.
But as for the building of Hennessey itself, it isn’t going anywhere, at least not for a while. Collins said there is still deliberation about whether to keep the building or to demolition it, and the planning process committee will weigh the pros and cons of each option.

“There are several who are proposing ideas of how Hennessey might be able to be used once faculty and classrooms are moved out of there. It is not a foregone conclusion that Hennessey gets torn down; it just was my original wish,” President Collins said. “This is one of the conversations that we will have in the strategic planning process that we have begun, and will be one of the projects that we discuss, about the pros and cons of retaining it, and, if we retain it, what the potential use might be.”

Besides the opening of the third floor of Keane for classroom use, another major opening will take place in December. The Spirit Shop will open up on Dec. 8 in the Einstein’s building, just in time for last-minute shopping before the break for the holidays. Of course, when the holidays roll around, that also means that final exams will be taking place. Collins offered some advice to students about how they should start preparing for these tests and presentations.

“Like anything else, don’t wait until the last minute. Now is the time to start finishing up assignments and projects that are due, and beginning to take a re-look at work that was done earlier in the semester, getting reading done, etc. I think engaging faculty is important too. Be proactive is the simple answer,” President Collins said.

However, before finals and the Christmas season comes Thanksgiving, and President Collins spoke about how much he has to be thankful for, including family and faith, as well as the community at Loras and its flourishing mission and activities.

“This semester was an extraordinary time of student successes,” President Collins said.

As for a final message, President Collins wishes Loras a “Happy Thanksgiving.”

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