CEL hosts ice cream and internship social

On Wednesday, Sept. 9, from 6:30-8 p.m. students had the opportunity to talk in the Pub with Coordinator for Career Services Jeff Roberts about internships. He answered questions about the best internships for one’s major, how to present oneself at interviews, resume building and ways to get around the undercut in pay for internships.

Loras College has connections with different funding sources including the Scholl Foundation funds and the Adducci Loan. Combined, the two organizations provide Loras College with approximately $55,000 in loans for students. Loras is also currently pending the Great Lakes Career Readiness Grant, which could offer students over $100,000 for internships.

Junior Jasmine Sronkoski dishes a bowl of ice cream as she joins other students in learning about various internship opportunities around Dubuque. Photo by Julie White

“Often times, students can be nervous about getting internships or unsure where to start. Ice Cream and Internships allows students to casually stop by the Pub and learn about the opportunities that are available to them. This year, students could also attend the event and walk away with an internship, thanks to two local businesses that attended,” said Junior Experience Director Katie Kramer. Kramer organized the activity in order to give students the chance to learn more about ways to move into their career field.

“This was a great chance to meet with interesting companies and discover opportunities to intern with them,” said junior Margaret Sentovich who attended. The event was a learning experience, but students could also enjoy ice cream while asking questions and meeting with company representatives who were looking for interns on behalf of their businesses, including NextGen Climate and America’s Renewable Future.

This event is organized twice a year, once in the fall to find internships during the school year and once in the spring for summer internships. The spring date has not been planned, but there are other events for juniors seeking career guidance. The events are the Graduate School Fair on October 26th and the Etiquette Dinner on November 3rd. For more information on internships and career building, visit Jeff Roberts in the Center for Experiential Learning.

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