Cavanaugh encourages social change

Last Friday, Oct. 28, Campus Ministry  CORE team welcomed associate professor of social work Brad Cavanaugh as part of the Holy Spirits and Biblical Brews series. Cavanaugh spoke to Duhawks and community members on the topic of Effective Social Change.

Cavanaugh started his discussion by stating that he believes all social issues can be fixed. He then encouraged everyone present to consider situations where humanity had overcome injustice of some sort, helping tables along with the discussion.

For example, each table discussed topics such as how smallpox was eradicated and how it can be a model for future developments. When the vaccine for smallpox was discovered, people were afraid of it and did not want to be vaccinated. The deadly disease was finally eradicated from nature in 1979 despite having found a vaccination in 1796, taking over 200 years to eliminate the disease.

After addressing these issues, Cavanaugh related this to modern social issues. Since he was the closing event of Pro-life Week, this was one of the topics that he focused on. Despite this, Cavanaugh did not just focus on abortion.

“I thought that it was super neat that Brad drew in information about Pro-life Week and had us discuss specifically abortion, but (he) pointed out that being pro-life is not just being anti-abortion,” said junior Cheyenne Secor, vice president for Duhawks for Life.

Cavanaugh specifically presented ideas on how being pro-life is caring for the dignity of the human person throughout all stages of life. Throughout this event, Cavanaugh was really engaging and got the audience thinking.

“I enjoyed his openness to new ideas and his encouragement to discuss with people who oppose your ideas to help find a better solution,” said first-year Ben Colwell.

Those who attended Holy Spirits and Biblical Brews and participated in Cavanaughs’ discussion left with something to reflect on. He encouraged everyone to do their part in changing the world. Everyone has the responsibility to engage with the social issues surrounding them, find the facts, and make a difference.

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