Cardinal Dolan visits Loras

LORAS COLLEGE – It’s common to see Duhawks around campus, but not very often does a Cardinal visits Loras. That is, a Cardinal of the Catholic Church.

His Eminance Timothy Cardinal Dolan flew into the Dubuque area last week. He met with students, faculty and alumni as well as seminarians and religious sisters.

The New York Archbishop has direct contact with the Vatican. His presence on campus made for full pews at Christ the King Chapel.

Chaplain Fr. Dennis Miller was most excited for Dolan’s homily. Miller says, “He has a way of explaining the Gospel in a way that pretty much everybody out there is going to be able to grasp onto and do it in such a way that the love comes through so totally.”

In addition to celebrating Mass, Dolan spoke at a number of events including a benefit for Divine Word College in Epworth.

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