Campus Security Alerts

Dubuque IA-In the past two weeks, Loras College Campus Safety has made students aware of two incidents near campus. West 16th Street, which runs right behind the Lynch-McCarthy apartments. LCTV investigated earlier this week and found this area to be very dark at night. There is only one streetlight in the area and students says this is the fastest way to the LMAC, Beckman, and Binz from the other side of campus.

The first instance happened on September 1 and involved a student walking on West 16th where she was approached by a white male. The student then fled to a campus building.

The second instance happened a week later and again a student was approached by two black males and as campus safety reported was “forcibly fondled” and again fled to a campus building.

Campus Safety is encouraging students to call them for escort services as well as don’t be on your cell phone, don’t walk alone at night—walk with friends, and just be aware of your surroundings. Alli Settanni is the Resident Advisor in the LMAC and she says, “Let us know if you feel uncomfortable or anything we can do to make you feel more safe.”


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