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LORAS COLLEGE – On a laptop campus like Loras, students receive dozens of emails over the course of the week– emails from professors, from organizations, and occasionally from campus safety. Some students read the emails, others ignore it–clicking on to the next email or deleting it automatically. LCTV conducted a survey to get a better perspective on how many students are getting the safety information they need to know.

Of the nearly 300 respondents, more than half said they always open emails from campus safety, but only about one-third say they always go to the Loras portal to view the security alert information. Some students feel going to the portal is just an extra step they do not want to take. In security situations, students want to access information quickly and easily.

So why isn’t the information just shared via email? Assistant Dean of Students Molly Burrows Schumaker answered, “When you put it in an email it can get changed, sent, altered, all of those things, whereas when it’s portal posted, it’s protected.” Schumaker explained the Portal provides an internal location to keep all campus information; that way, if a student misses the security alert email, they can find the information on the Portal.

Campus Safety provides the information, but students must take responsibility to stay informed. Both the students and safety agree: it takes a community effort to keep this campus safe. Schumaker added, “Bad things can happen anywhere, and so we just want to make sure that we’re all in a situation where we’re alert and prepared and prevent those kinds of things from changing our Loras experience.”

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Makaila is a senior at Loras from Des Moines, IA. She has acted as reporter, anchor, and Associate Producer for various LCTV programs. Makaila is currently a sideline reporter for Live Sports and the Social Media Manager for LCTV. She has obtained previous internship experience with iHeart Media in Des Moines, the Iowa Events Center, and Country Music Television (CMT) in Nashville. Makaila loves sharing stories that matter and working with one of the best collegiate television stations in the Midwest.

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