Campus Activities Board: Night of poetry

By Cora Shefchik (TheLorian)

With a focus on Black Lives Matters hosted by Student Life last week, the College Activities Board book ended the week with Slam Poet Kyla Jenee Lacey. Lacey is a very accomplished spoken word poet. She has gained over a million views on her videos, been showcased on Afropunk, George Takei, Write About Now, All Def Digital, Occupy Democrats, and Golden Mic TV. She’s also written for the Huffington Post,, and Root Magazine, and has one published book “Hickory Dickery Dock, I Do No Want You C***”. She has been a finalist in the largest regional poetry slam in the country four times, and was nominated as Campus Activities Performer of the Year. With all these accomplishments, CAB was thrilled to be able to host Lacey for the third time.

Many of Lacey’s spoken word comes from her own life experiences, being a female, African American, sexual harassment and abuse, and relationships. From these experiences she is able to speak powerfully and freely. Even though she speaks on such hard topics, the audience is not only able to laugh along with her puns and jokes, they are also able to find ways to relate to Lacey. She shared her art for an hour and then ended with a Question and Answer session. She shared that she wrote her first poem at age 10. While she described it as “A very emo poem” she shared what she remembered of it with the audience. After her performance was done she stayed after to talk with and take pictures with those in the audience.

“Because we felt that she does a good job of talking about her experiences as a black woman in a way that we don’t always see,” Patricia Drossler, the programmer in charge of the event, said when asked why CAB brought Lacey back for the third time.

CAB would like to thank everyone who came out to hear Lacey speak. If you want to learn more about Lacey and or listen to her poems, check her out on the following!

Insta: Kylajlacey

Write About Now

YouTube: Kyla Lacey

Google+ Linkedin

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