Campus Activities Board: Halloween night

By Cora Shefchik (TheLorian)

How did you choose to spend your Halloween Eve? The College Activities Board hosted a Halloween Movie and Craft Night which students could attend in person or fill out a survey to have their crafts delivered. Those who felt comfortable coming in person came to the ballrooms to watch the Original 1984 Ghostbusters and participate in making Halloween Crafts. They were able to choose from multiple crafts: make your own pet ghost, suncatchers, and various wooden crafts.

“In all I think craft/movie went really well! We definitely had more people ask to have crafts delivered than I thought we were going to. I really liked the idea of delivering crafts so that students who are in quarantine or who are just being extra safe can still be involved in campus activities,” said junior Patricia Drossler.

One other way CAB got campus involved in the preparation of the event was having a Twitter Poll of various Halloween movies that the students could vote on. The choices were the Original Ghostbusters, the new 2016 Ghostbusters, or the new 2019 Addams Family. CAB has been working on being more engaging on their Social Medias, so watch for more ways to get involved on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

CAB would like to thank those who either asked to have crafts delivered or came in person to the event, and we hope you had a spooky good time. Watch your emails for more information on all things CAB and Fall Fest which is the week before we leave for the Holidays.

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