Campus Activities Board: Bonfire night

By Cora Shefchik (TheLorian)

What better way to celebrate the start of November in the Midwest than with a Bonfire? With the weather being so nice lately the College Activities Board hosted a Bonfire Night on Nov. 6 outside Byrne Oaks.

It was a beautiful clear night that Friday. CAB had two brand new bonfire pits, 40 blankets and 40 prepackaged s’mores for students. While the blankets were gone within the first few minutes, there were plenty of s’mores to eat and fun lawn games to play. They had Spike Ball, Sand Volleyball, Ladder Golf and Kan Jam.

“I think it went really well! We had a lot of students come and all the blankets were gone in less than 5 minutes which was very surprising. Some students even got to learn how to make S’mores over a fire,” said junior Patricia Drossler.

CAB would like to thank everyone who came out last Friday to enjoy the bonfires. Watch for updates to come on all things Fall Fest.

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