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Iowa and their residents are months away from gathering together for the Iowa caucuses. To ramp up excitement in the voters, several candidates are making their way through Iowa to get their name out, share ideas, and meet with potential voters.

Monday, Sept. 23, two presidential hopefuls arrived in Dubuque, Iowa to campaign for the upcoming 2020 Election. Both Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg brought their ideas to share with the Dubuque locals.

One of the leading Democratic presidential candidates spoke Monday, Sept. 23 at the Town Clock Plaza in Dubuque.

Bernie Sanders event was held at the Town Clock Plaza where he addressed the crowd for 30 minutes. Pete Buttigieg event was later in the night at the Alliant Energy Amphitheater. Sanders crowd was not nearly as large as Buttigieg’s but was commendable. The Vermont senator drew around 400 people but was doubled by Mayor Pete’s roughly 800 spectators. 

Sanders event began with a laid back ice cream social with music being played in the background before he took the stage. Buttigieg wasn’t far off. Some in attendance for Buttigieg’s event were enjoying a cold beverage and listening to a playlist as well. One notable thing between the two was they both enter the stage area to loud music. Mayor Pete was a bit faster with a slight jog while Senator Sanders strolled his way to the stage.

Both come ready to share their ideas and leave no one guessing where they stand, including mentioning their dislike for the current Trump administration. Sander even called Trump a “hoax.”

Bernie Sanders spoke for roughly 40 minutes before meeting with those in attendance. He took photos or selfies, signed autographs, and even spoke with a few of the attendees. Pete Buttigieg was a town hall format which he spoke for about 20 minute before he opened it to questions from the crowd. The questions from the crowd lasted 25 minutes. After it concluded, he did the same post-speech greetings as Senator Sander did earlier in the night.

One thing to note was the interest coming from the younger people during this election that decided to attend events like the two on Monday evening. There is push nationwide to continue to get young voters to events but also to the actual polls come election time. One way to accomplish this is to have politicians connect to them by discussing relevant issues and meeting with them every step of the campaign leading to the Election Day.

Of those young people, many Loras College students were in attendance but came with different reasons they were there, as well as what they wanted discussed.

First year Cameron Flack was dragged by his friends down to the event. He added, “Whatever happens, happens. Honestly, would like to see him [Sanders] to touch up on the economy. The economy has been going up. See how he could sustain it?”

Junior Jenna Gearhart did say the reason she went to see Bernie Sanders was the ice cream. After a little more thought, she did add, “being able to learn more about politics in the United States.

Another First year, Carly Boens, showed excitement and explained she came down to learn more about “Bernie”. 

Senior Eddie Smith also made his way to the Town Clock Plaza to see his favorite candidate. He emphasized how he likes that Bernie “does not take any corporate money” and that he feels that doing just that is “the most important thing in politics.” Smith added, “I hope he talks about his policies- medicare for all. My biggest thing is foreign policy so it would be cool to hear him talk about ending the wars because that is a big deal for me.” Like many college students, Smith also was looking for Bernie Sanders to talk about how he plans to cancel student loan debt.

The Iowa Caucuses are about four month away which some consider the unofficial-official start of the final stretch of the election season. Look out as many other candidates will make pit stops in Dubuque and all over Iowa.

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Xavier is a staff writer for The Lorian.

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