Call to Duty

Dubuque, IA- Anthony McAndrew knew he was going to serve in the military since he was young. “I knew I was going to serve since I was 5.” McAndrew ended up going through basic training in high school and was deployed to Afghanistan in October of 2010.

McAndrew says they are in Afghanistan to train the Afghan army. “Our main job was to get the Afghan force fighting capable to take over.” McAndrew is back from his 9 month tour in Afghanistan and is still serving in the National Guard.

Let’s rewind to about 50 years ago……

Bob Bucko was called to duty back in the last 1960’s. “I was assigned to the Marine division and served as a corpsman with the 5th Marines in Vietnam.” Bucko was stationed in the northern part of Vietnam and was a navy medic serving with the marines. He explains what the war in Vietnam was like. “Be on patrol one day and the next you would be sloshing through the rice patties and such and then you would head north or west and you would be in the mountains.”A few months after his tour, Bucko was wounded and sent home.

Bucko and McAndrew may have served at different times but all who served share a bond. “As far as veteran to veteran there really is not much of a difference from what we experienced.”

And Bucko and McAndrew certainly answered their Call to Duty.

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