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Rose Gottschalk (TheLorian)

We’ve hit the halfway mark of our second semester, while also in a pandemic. This has put a damper on many parts of our education, but it’s also put a damper on the food that been made available to us.

At the beginning of the school year, The Pub and Einstein’s had to limit their menus so that in case of another shutdown, there wouldn’t be that much waste. It’s also the food most easily accessible to the school. This carries over into the Café, as our supplier also supplies hospitals and nursing homes, other businesses that might need the prepackaged food (like Jello) more than a college.

“We’re doing what we can to make sure everyone can eat, while still providing a variety,” head Chef Joe Kuhse said. Campus Dining is continuously doing what they can to keep things interesting, while still staying within COVID-19 restrictions. This allowed the occasional serving of pizza, or the return of the ice cream machine (that is, before it broke, hopefully it will be back soon).

“It’s also a matter of staffing,” Janell Wollschlager, the Director of Dining Services said. “We have two cooks during the day, and Joe cooks every night.” While having limited hands, it’s hard to provide new things. That didn’t stop Campus Dining from getting Oreo and Apple Snicker salads, which can be found at salad bar.

Campus Dining has also worked hard to bring more options to Einstein’s and The Pub, like more lunch options and mozzarella sticks, respectively. Ask about these options next time you stop by!

So what can students do in this situation where the food seems the exact same as yesterday, and the day before that, and even the day before that? We get creative. Here are some ideas to inspire your next meal.


At breakfast, you can make a custom sandwich. Take some scrambled eggs and bacon and squish it into a bagel. Cream cheese can be added to give it more flavor.

Custom sandwiches:

With the return of the Panini press (now located next to cereal, where the waffle station used to be), anything can become a sandwich. If you have a craving for a grilled ham and cheese, you can toast that, but there are other options. You can take apart a sandwich and add your own things too. Grab a meat option from home line (like chicken or a burger patty) and add it to a cheese sandwich and toast it.


Tonya Sippy, former Aramark Campus Dining employee, used to grab spinach, chicken, and fruit (all found at the salad bar) and mix it all together to create a custom fruit salad.

Another option for salads is to grab a hamburger or BBQ pork sandwich and add that to a salad. Don’t be afraid to shred a cheese stick or chop up an egg to give it an even wider variety.

French Fries:

Ask for a plate of French fries (or tater tots). Next, shred a cheese stick onto the fries. Depending on the options, either grab a burger patty or some chicken and crumble that on top. Now you have your own loaded French fries (or tater tots).

Never be afraid to try new things, but also to ask for things. Whether you have dietary restrictions or are looking for something specific, staff will do their best to provide you with what you need.

Also, check out the market for some fun summer items, like fan pens or themed towels.

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Rose Gottschalk is a copy editor for The Lorian.

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