Student Life Tests Duhawk Brain Power for a Trivia Night

Saturday, Nov. 3 brought yet another fun-filled night put on by the Loras College Student Life. Student life hosted a trivia night in the pub with more special prizes for everyone to contest for. While the anticipation and overall atmosphere might not have been as loud as bingo night, Student Life still appreciates the events such as trivia night that can allow for a calm, community-minded atmosphere. Brett, the master mind behind the trivia, has been doing trivia night events for over five years. “I enjoy hosting trivia for many different types of crowds. One day I might be doing a high school event and then the next week I might have a 50th high school reunion. It is fun to mix the trivia around and appeal to different age groups” said Brett.

The atmosphere before the event was calm and collective. People came as teams and welcomed individuals to join at random. Loras is strongly noted for its strong sense of community and Trivia Night offered a prime example of this in action. While there was a competitive nature throughout the night, most teams were focused more on themselves and the time spent with each other rather than focusing on coming out on top. These are the types of events that Student Life hopes to create. Before the trivia began, Andrew Grossklaus said “I am really looking forward to our teammate’s responses to the questions and how we can build our answers off of each other. We are all confident in different things, and bringing great minds together will lead to success. It is also a great and fun opportunity for a Saturday night and we appreciate student life giving us something fun to do.”

Many people were asking each team beforehand if they had what it took to win the trivia night. Alex Riedel said, “We’ll have to wait and see. We have some tough competition surrounding us tonight, but we feel prepared and ready to take home a victory. This will be a showdown to the final question.” Topics for each round included: movies, musical artists, books, presidents, celebrity parents, strange holidays, name that song, and mullets. In the end, team “love handles” came out on top. The team consisted of Charles Putbrese, Benjamin Colwell, Tommy Sentovich, Ruth Berning, Maren Nielsen, and Allegra Johnson. Trivia night was a successful event for student life as they will look to implement similar events in the future.

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