CAB hosts largest Siblings Weekend

Throughout the week leading up to Siblings Weekend, there was an unspoken buzzing around campus. It seemed like people were happier than usual, had more bounce in their step, and everyone was hopeful that the upcoming weekend would be a good one. Friday rolled around with much anticipation for Siblings Weekend.

Throughout the day, there were countless future Duhawks walking around campus with their big sisters or brothers. Upon arrival, each registered sibling received three food coupons, a Loras CAB drawstring bag, a cool T-shirt, glow sticks and some candy.

The first event of the night was a performance by John Cassidy, a comedian, magician and balloon artist. He brought smiles to everyone, young and old.

The next day, the ballroom was set up with a bouncy-house game, Wii games, hoola-hoops, a Loras photo booth, a bags game and a mask-painting area. There was also a candy table and cotton-candy machine for the siblings to pick and choose for the ride home.

Later in the night, CAB gathered all the big and little siblings for pizza in the LMAC. After pizza, the neon glow-in-the-dark mini golf turned out to be a big hit. Not only did siblings show up, but so did other students from Loras. There were lines out the door just to play mini golf!

Siblings Weekend ended with Mass on Sunday celebrated by Fr. Gross.

CAB President Claira Sieverding said, “This past Siblings Weekend was our best in many years in regards to registration and turn out rates for the events. As we try and develop siblings weekend into a more campus-friendly and older-sibling-friendly weekend, we still want to reach our main population of the younger siblings.

“Which leads us to being very appreciative of the students’ support trying new events,” she continued. “We also really appreciate feedback so please feel free to stop in the CAB office and tell us how we can make siblings weekend more enjoyable for you! And don’t forget about Salsa Night this coming Saturday Night!”

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