CAB: Homecoming Bingo

By Cora Shefchik (TheLorian)

Can you think of a better way to end Homecoming week than Bingo? College Activities Board (CAB) sure can’t! To wrap up homecoming week CAB celebrated with one of their most popular events – BINGO. It was held in Graber this time instead of the Fieldhouse which allowed for more of a family-style seating where groups could sit with each other while abiding by the COVID-19 regulations that the school has in place.

“The new set-up had made it much easier for students to interact with one another and allowed for groups of people to sit near each other safely, making it a more enjoyable experience,” said vice president of CAB, junior Brett Batkoff.

There were 20 prize bundles for 20 lucky students. Some of the prizes included a Loras Swag Basket, a TV and Soundbar, a game night bundle, electric scooter, self-care bundle, Nintendo Switch, and more.

“Homecoming Bingo was definitely one of the most exciting Bingos we’ve had this far. With prizes averaging hundreds of dollars and a great crowd turning up we knew it was going to be a great time. The amount of excitement for the various prizes was amazing to see and we [Brett and I] knew that this was definitely a great way of ending our Homecoming festivities!” said CAB Traditions Coordinator, sophomore Andrew Martinez.

CAB would like to thank everyone who came out for Bingo and any other Homecoming events last week. Stay tuned for events coming up including Flannel Friday, Halloween Movie/Craft Night, and more.

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