CAB gets ‘creative’

It has begun to be a tradition each semester to have Matter Creative help the Loras College Activities Board provide a unique experience of crafting. Alum Emily Wozniak first began the connection between CAB and Matter Creative by bringing the activities to campus for materials-cost only, and it was a hit.

Emily’s goal was to provide the students of Loras an insight into what is available in the greater Dubuque community. Matter Creative is a local non-profit which “specializes in helping people generate new ideas through hands-on adventures.” Over two years, CAB has provided ornaments around Christmas time, mugs for the plethora of coffee drinkers on campus, and even canvases.

This past week, the event brought a huge draw; CAB ran out of dessert plates and coasters for the students to paint within ten minutes.

“We had to start turning people away by 6:15 because we ran out of pottery, which is a good problem to have at events,” said executive board member and communications director Sarah Kramer. “Next time we can plan for more as we know that is what students want.”

Over fifty students had shown up by ten after six for the event and more stopped in later looking for items to paint. There were students from first-years through seniors enjoying themselves in the relaxing atmosphere of the Pub.

“Pottery night was a great chance to see some Duhawks I hadn’t seen in some time, as well as stretch my artistic muscles,” said sophomore Tom Godlewski. 

If YOU have suggestions on what CAB should offer next, please stop by the CAB office, 4th floor ACC, or email

Don’t forget about this week’s upcoming CAB event: St. Pat’s Day Rave on Saturday, March 16, at 7 p.m. until 10 p.m. in the ACC Ballrooms. This is one of CAB’s many free events. Come, and receive beads, glow sticks, and the first 25 students get free St. Patty’s Day shirts!

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