CAB games eliminate ‘board-om’

(photos by Fabian Hernandez) Two students joust out their midterm stress at the CAB game night.

In the endless swirl of essays, projects, presentations, and exams, it’s no surprise that even the most diligent and devoted students get bogged down in the trying times of the second-quarter season. By the end of any week, a little sunshine is always desired to break up the inked-in, letter-shot clouds of bland repetition that often gather in the brain of any hard-working Duhawk.

For many students, a much-needed break is something to get them through long weeks of school work. Despite working hard to give students different opportunities for Family Weekend and Homecoming week, CAB has been keeping up with student demand for unique and interesting activities. After the hard work of midterms and the seemingly long week after Fall Free Days, many students look to CAB for something fun to do on a Friday night.

That’s why this past Friday, Oct. 20,  saw the Loras College Activities Board hosted a life-sized game night. Taking place in the ACC ballrooms, it was a communal event designed to bring students together in an evening of fun and friendly competition, and chase away the tired dregs of the midterm homework blues.

A group of students hang out and play Mario Kart on the projector.

These were not just typical board and card games. Most of the featured games lived up to the “life-sized” moniker in every way. Activities included inflatable twister, inflatable quarterstaff jousting, “Up-4-It” (a mega-sized version of Connect Four), giant-blocks Jenga, and even a full-blown human variation of Hungry Hungry Hippos, which involved a quartet of daring participants who took the place of the traditional water-based herbivores by riding flatbed roller-scooters and collecting from a floor of multicolored plastic balls. This gave students a modern twist on some childhood favorite games that they most likely had not gotten to participate in before.

The projector screen was also set up to accommodate a four-person game of Mario Kart Wii, which turned out to be heavily popular with the local Duhawk gamers. And for anyone too exhausted by the long school week to lift a controller, CAB also provided easy-make walking tacos.

“I love this. Games and tacos are my ideal Friday,” said senior James Kappes. “I wish we could do things like this more often. I think it’s a great way to bring the students on campus together and be more of a community and all that.”

In addition, several tech-and-tag prizes were available to be won in a lotto-style setup. These consisted of several Amazon products, including a Bluetooth Speaker, an Echo Dot (a “smart speaker” capable of voice interaction), a Fire Stick (an HDMI digital media player), a Fire Tablet (a tablet computer device) and multiple gift cards.

This event was different than the ones they had hosted in the past. They were pleased with how much positive student response they had received that evening.

“I’m pleasantly surprised by how many people showed up so quickly and enjoyed themselves,” said junior Olivia Clarey, vice president of CAB. “It’s a hit, and that shows a good chance for us to do it again in the future.”

CAB is not slowing down with several events coming up quickly within the next couple of weeks. CAB is getting into the spirit of Halloween. On Friday, Oct. 27, it will host their annual Haunting in Hennessy event. It will take place in Hennessy Hall on upper campus from 8-10 p.m. One week after on Nov. 3, Rubix cube master Steven Brundage will be visiting campus. He was a semi-finalist on the popular television show, ‘America’s Got Talent.’ He will be showing off his skills from 8-10 p.m.

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Brennan Pivnicka is a writer for The Lorian.

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