CAB: Escape rooms

By Cora Shefchik (TheLorian)

How would you go about escaping a zombie attack or a big boom?! Students had the chance to give this a try on Sept. 26. CAB hosted these two escape rooms in the Ballrooms. Due to the reality of our lives today, the executive board spent hours cleaning and setting up all of the objects for the Escape Rooms. The host then Zoomed in to help students along their journey to escape.

“I think it shows how CAB can be flexible to non-normal situations and how we are able to work as team to give students the same quality of events they have come to expect from us,” said Vice President of CAB junior Brett Batkoff, when he was asked about the eBoard having to set the rooms up themselves.

Each room could have up to 10 students, and they had an hour to escape. Afterwards they were able to get their pictures taken with posters regarding if they were successful or unsuccessful.

“Honestly, it was really cute. I loved the decorations for the Patient Zero room and it was actually pretty difficult getting some of the rooms completed,” said Tradition Coordinator sophomore Andrew Martinez. Overall, the event was a success.

As always CAB would like to thank those who came to try and escape. Stay tuned for upcoming events and Homecoming!

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