CAB ‘crafts’ event to welcome autumn

LORAS COLLEGE – The Pub was a hub of activity on Saturday night for the fall CAB craft night. This arty evening involved wreath-making or mod-podging colorful tissue paper onto mason jars or other glassware provided by CAB. Colors ranged from yellow to orange to brown—colors normally associated with fall, since Sept. 22 marked the first day of autumn.

“We always do craft nights, but instead of painting we opted to do a new type of craft night for the first day of fall,” said senior Veronica Kelly, the president of CAB.

If mod-podge or wreath-making wasn’t your thing, there were plenty of other ways to get creative at this craft evening. There was also colorful yarn to make pompoms and wooden coasters to decorate. Two notable creative creations included junior Elyse Accompanado’s garland of yarn-pumpkins and junior Christina Fox’s Loras-colored yarn-covered glass jar.

In addition to the fun crafts available to everyone who came through the Pub on Saturday night, there were plenty of fall-themed treats. There was a caramel apple bar, apple cider, and delicious pumpkin brownies. Spread out on additional tables was also candy corn and caramel apple lollipops.

The night was planned mostly by junior Jenna Grober, CAB’s event programmer. This is Grober’s first year on e-Board as a programmer, and this was the first event she ever planned solo.

“I’ve been planning this for three weeks now,” Grober said at the night of the event, “When they first told me the date of the event, I looked at the schedule and saw it was the first day of fall. Because of that, I wanted to do a fall theme because we’ve never done that before.”

Despite this being her first event, Grober navigated the planning and execution of the evening very well. Prior to the event, she spent a lot of time scoping out sales to get the materials at the cheapest cost possible. And her thrifty shopping paid off!

“We were very under budget, because of all the sales,” Grober said. “So we were able to use the extra money for raffle baskets. It was nice to add another feature to the night.”

There were seven baskets in total: two s’mores-themed baskets, one football-themed basket, one movie night basket, two pumpkin spice baskets, and one ice-cream-social basket. The raffle was very easy to enter: finish a craft and put your name in for the drawing. It was that simple! The most notable win was junior Brody Tupy’s birthday acquisition of the football-themed basket, which he really wanted and was lucky to win. Every participant who came to the craft night left with something, whether it was multiple crafts, a raffle basket, or a full stomach. Overall, the first annual fall-themed craft night put on by CAB was a success!

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Audrey Miller is a writer for The Lorian.

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