CAB brings laughs to campus with Kel

kel mitchellThis past Friday, Feb. 5, the College Activities Board hosted the appearance of actor, musician, and comedian Kel Mitchell here at Loras. From the start of the event, Mitchell brought down the house with his impressive combination of witty remarks, humorous quirks, and overall hysterical mannerisms.

From hilariously illustrated backstories to improvised interaction with the audience, Mitchell provided a rousing hour and a half of side-splitting entertainment.

Kel Mitchell has been active for over two decades now. Though a master of many fronts, he is perhaps best remembered for his performances in several Nickelodeon television shows. Having kicked off his career at an early age, Mitchell’s first well-known role was as Ed, the energetic but dimwitted fast-food employee featured in the “Good Burger” sketch of the comedy program “All That.” He later had a starring role as Kel Kimble in the hit sitcom “Kenan and Kel,” and subsequently appeared in several cartoons and live-action movies, including a full-length motion picture adaptation of “Good Burger” in 1997. Currently, Mitchell is involved in the new Nickelodeon show, “Game Shakers,” playing the part of a rapper and superstar named Double G.

Mitchell’s appearance on Friday night was met with great enthusiasm by all students attending. For many, it was a chance to see and meet a figure from their bygone younger years.

“Kel made my childhood a little more enjoyable,” said sophomore Broderick Hooker.

Loras College is greatly honored by Mitchell’s visit, and hopes to see him again sometime in the near future.

Some other large events presented by Loras this month include CAB’s sold-out movie night at Mindframe theatres, Year Experience’s trip to the Kalahari resort in the Wisconsin Dells, and free tickets to the Dubuque Fighting Saints hockey game.

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