Business Growth on Mainstreet

For Jill Schrempf baking is more than just a hobby. Its a lifestyle. After receiving her culinary degree in baking pastry’s and getting her start at a Chicago restaurant as a pastry chef assistant, she decided it was time to come back home to Dubuque and try something new.

And thats how Candle Ready Cakes down in Dubuque’s Main Street District got its big start. Recently, the business has baked up enough success and celebrated it’s one year anniversary.

“We’ve been so busy, its been great.” Schrempf says on this recent accomplishment.

Her cupcakes are to die for But as they say in the real estate world its all about location:

“We knew that we definately were going to focus on walk in traffic and mainstreet has so many shops people come down to go to.”

Granted, things are most certainly thriving now for Jill and many other business owners down on Main Street, but thirty years ago that was not the case.

Dan LoBianco is the executive director for Dubuque Main Street, and explained that Dubuque was in bad shape back in 1985. Nearly fifty percent of all stores on Mainstreet were vacant.

But through promotions, and festivals the city came back to life and change those vacated buildings into residential spaces, retail stores, and restaurants. “Public Private partnership is crucial here… its why Dubuque is one of the leadersin downtown development because we work together” states LoBianco.

And with such partnerships in place developers can continue to focus on business growth in the Millwork district and also specifically focusing on the north end of central avenue.

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