Building community, one goal at a time

Building community, one goal at a time
Soccer 2
photo by Sami Jo Graff

Every year, the Daughters of Isabella and the Knights of Columbus try to have a competitive sporting event to bring the two organizations together. This year on Saturday April 7, both groups teamed up to play a friendly game of soccer at Faber Clarke field. Friends came to support the teams, creating chants to encourage players and taking pictures.

Starting at 10 a.m., captains picked their teams to evenly split up the Daughters and Knights. Regent Kathryn Pranger and Grand Knight Kenzie Elsbernd were the captains for the first game. Both teams put up a good fight, including a few impressive saves by goalies Elsbernd and junior Joshua Van Besien. On the opposing team, junior Noah TeDuits played impressive defense, barely giving Elsbernd’s team a chance to score. In the end, Pranger’s team won 5-0 after over a half hour of play.

For the second game, sophomore Nicole Connelly was the captain representing the Daughters, and Van Besien chose for the Knights. With more even teams, both had more opportunities to score. In the hopes of confusing the other team, Connelley’s team would fall after every attempted or succeeded goal. However, Van Besien’s team won 3-0.

“The Daughters versus Knights soccer game was a great way to build community in a fun yet competitive way,” Connelley said. “It’s always a joy to just goof around and have fun with authentic men and women united in faith. You can tell you’re playing soccer with a bunch of Catholics where you hear cheers like ‘Jesus rocks!’ or ‘St. Sebastian, patron of athletes, pray for us!’”

After the game, the groups went to the Lynch McCarthy Lounge for an end of the year social hosted by the Daughters. Both organizations hope to continue this competitive tradition in the years to come.

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