Bringing Back the Arts

DUBUQUE – The removal of the Arts major and minor at Loras left some students without a creative outlet. This need for arts and creativity was the inspiration behind the new Loras College Art Club.

Students Maren Nielsen, Ruth Berning, and Erin Cain collaboratively began the process of creating the club last year. What followed was the long and difficult process of creating an official club. Filling out paperwork, attending meetings, and raising funds were all part of their effort to put the arts back in liberal arts.

Formalities aside, the goal of the club is to provide students with an opportunity to create art on their own terms. Meetings are informal, and attendance at every meeting is not required for membership.

“I think that’s a very essential part of our club,” commented Berning. “We wanted to create a relaxed environment.” To achieve that goal, some meetings are structured as an open studio for anyone to stop in.

It’s an idea that students are willing to stand by. So far, more than 100 students have signed up to receive meeting notifications and other club information.

“People are really excited about our club,” observed Berning. And that excitement extends beyond just students. Since its inception, the Art Club has partnered with a number of student organizations to create projects around campus.

Since the Art Club is still new, there are still some details that need to be worked out, such as finding a dedicated space and providing a larger variety of resources to members. But it’s a challenge that the club’s creators are ready to handle.

“Seeing the like, positive impact it’s had on people and how much they really respond to it and say how much of a need this was for our campus, and that we can provide that to them… that’s been really rewarding,” said Nielsen.

Students interested in joining the art club should email Maren Nielsen.

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Amber Krieg is a junior at Loras from Dubuque, Iowa. She currently works as an Executive Producer and reporter for LCTV News. Amber is majoring in Media Studies with a minor in Public Relations. Outside of TV studio, she enjoys working in the theater with the Loras Players.

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