Breast Cancer Survivor

Dubuque, IA-Diane Carroll is many things including wife, mother, and also a survivor. Of breast cancer that is.

After a routine mammogram, Carroll was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in 2009. Carroll made the decision with her family to have a lumpectomy and after surgery start radiation and chemotherapy.

Due to due treatments, Carroll began losing her hair but she put a a fight and would not completely shave it off.

“I refused to have it shaved….I wasn’t going to give up on it…I refused to let that impact my life and give in to it.”

Carroll began to wear wigs to express different sides of herself including a red wig that she described as more of a “party girl.”

Through the entire experience, Carroll was open and honest about her cancer with her kids and she says that was the most important thing to her.

“I was open, honest we talk about it….its kind of brought us together as a family.”

Today, Carroll lives a full life free of cancer.

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