Breaking News: Shooting at the Jackson County Courthouse

Maquoketa, IA- What started out as a regular Board of Supervisors Meeting, turned into a deadly shooting at the Jackson County Courthouse Tuesday afternoon.

Gus Glaser, 71, or Maquoketa was disputing his property taxes when he reportedly pulled out a firearm and started shooting. After one shot was fired, Larry “Buck” Koos another supervisor tackled the man to the floor and because of the struggle another shot was fired killing the gunman.

Sheriff Russ Kettmann says “My thoughts is Larry is probably a hero because if he doesn’t get this guy down and gets into the hallway we don’t know what we have.”

Koos was transported to the hospital and treated for minor injuries. The body of the deceased was sent to Ankeny for an autopsy. Jackson County officials say the cause of death was a gun shot would to the neck and the manner of death will be certified as suicide.

UPDATE: Deb Lane, one of the supervisors targeted in the shooting has resigned from her position. Her resignation will be effective January 1, 2015.

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