Bites of the Tri-States: Beecher’s Ice Cream

DUBUQUE – Cars are always zipping through one of Dubuque’s busiest intersections: Asbury Road and University Avenue. Sitting right next to the hustle and bustle is a quiet little business that has been there for decades. Beecher’s Ice Cream has been in the same spot for close to 35 years.

Beecher’s opened its doors for the season during the first week of April. It plans to stay open until it gets too cold to serve those beloved frozen desserts.

Manager Brian Beecher has grown up with the store. “It actually was my dad. He used to run a rock quarry, and he sold the rock quarry about 35 years ago. And he has a real bad sweet tooth, so he wanted to get into the ice cream business.”

Now that the business is growing, it’s going onto the Beechers’ next generation. “I used to help my dad and then he got a little bit older, so he said he was going to give it up. So I brought my son onto it and he helps me with it now,” Brian said.

His son, Phil, enjoys being part of it. “I think it’s really cool knowing that when people like our ice cream, I’m one of two people who makes all of our ice cream,” he explained.

With more than 35 flavors of homemade ice cream, Beecher’s has more than enough options to satisfy both new and loyal customers. They also offer soft-serve and homemade frozen yogurt. Whatever you choose, the Beechers want you to leave with a smile on your face. “It’s one thing about this business. In the ice cream business, everyone is always happy,” said Brian.


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