Bites of the Tri-States: Mi Ranchito

Dubuque, IA-

Many restaurants serve up authentic Mexican food but at Mi Ranchito, They are going for something closer to the heart. Located on University Avenue near Loras College this new restaurant to the Tri-States is looking to serve something new to its Customers.

Owner and head chef, Alberto Luna says, “We are home cooking which is different. It is the way you eat when you come to our house and its the way we eat when we go to my mom or grandmas house.” This home cooking mentality is a philosphy that Luna brought when he immigrated to the United States eight years ago with his family. Luna says that, “This is the country of opportunity… I can become a business owner and own things we would not own in our own countries.”

This dream of owning his own restaurant is now a reality for Luna and he enjoys sharing this with customers. “I love doing this. This passion. I love cooking. I don’t call them my customers. I call them my friend, my family, my love ones. I cook for them like I cook for my family,” Luna says.

At Mi Ranchito, Luna has a menu full of Mexican style dishes including daily specials and desserts such as, Captain Crunch fried ice cream and Pastel de tres leches (three milk cake). While the menu has many options for customers its Luna’s friendly smile and Love for cooking is what keeps customers coming back. Gwen Kosel, a regular customer at Mi Ranchito with her family says, “I love Alberto, lets be very very clear about that. He Absolutely makes sure that all his customers feel at home and that’s really what’s important.”

And Luna also makes time to come out of the kitchen and greet his customers and ask how what they think of the meal. It’s this personal interaction that Simon Kosel says is one of the reasons why Mi Ranchito is the only Mexican restaurant he will want to eat at here in Dubuque. Simon says, “(Alberto) does care about the customers and he puts them before himself and he really is just a great guy in general.”

“To have that contact face to face, I want to see the customers reaction when they try the salsa, I want them to tell me how they like the guacamole, how they liked the queso fundillo,” says Luna.

Mi Ranchito is a new restaurant trying to make a special experience for every customer that meets Luna at the door.

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