Bites of the Tri-State: Courtside Bar and Grill

Dubuque, Iowa-

March Madness is in full swing and local sports bar and grill, Courtside, is the perfect place to watch all your bracket picks tip off. This large restaurant is trying to change how guests watch their sports. Owner and manager Jerry David says, “Well the way we differ from any other sports bars is we have indoor sport activities like volleyball, basketball, dodge ball, bean bags, all of the above.”

This large restaurant filled with full basketball courts also has a large menu with great bar food which is all sport themed to fill you up while watching basketball. What courtside is really known for though is their wings. Courtside does not go light on the portion sizes and these wings are big. With traditional sauces like mild and spicy buffalo to jamaican jerk and sweet chili, this restaurant always looks to please its guests.

And after guests are done eating they are free to play in one of Courtsides basketball courts and during the summer time they have outdoor sand volleyball. David says this is what keeps people coming back and great for families. “We invite people to bring their kids and friends so they could actually eat in the dinning room and play in the gyms,” says David. If you are not a person for basketball or volleyball in the gyms, Courtside also has an arcade area with games, a pool table and even a golf simulator for guests who want to keep make sure they can make par at the golf course after the long winter season.

Courtside also is the premiere sports bar for Iowa Hawkeye fans. As a Hawkeye fan David started a special club called “Kinnick Nation.” Members of Kinnick Nation are treated to a discount on meals whenever they come into Courtside, preffered seating on college game days and even a free shirt for only twenty dollars a year.

Courtside offers guests great times, a unique experiencing mixing both sports and bar dinning and even a chance to work on your golf swing. For more information on Courtsides menu, summer sport leagues and how you can become part of Kinnick nation click here.

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