Better Together Dubuque

DUBUQUE, Iowa– This past weekend, a Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender conference was held in Dubuque about
better improving the L.G.B.T community and strengthening it within Dubuque.

Although the organization has evolved over the years, some members say, this is only the beginning.

“My name is Jenaleigh Dague, I came out on my 17th birthday.” Said Dague.

After revealing her sexuality to her parents, Dag just assumed everyone in her family knew..

“I do have a funny story.” Said Dague.

But after an article was published in the Telegraph Herold she realized she was wrong….

“My grandma called everybody in the family and shes like oh no there is a typo it says Jenaleigh is a gay” Said Dague.

Dague has always been active in strengthening the L.G.B.T. community in Dubuque.

And as a member of Better Together Dubuque, she is working to do just that.

“We are doing different things to really build community and start conversations”  Said Dague.

Dague was one of many who took part in a conference this past weekend to continue talk about strengthening a community that has already evolved so much.

“I think sometimes we get stuck and say that there is so much work to be done and there are so many different.” Said Dague.

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