Bellevue Rotary Club Helps Fix Cemetery

Bellevue, Iowa– A local Rotary Club is doing their part in order to better their community. Bellevue Rotary club, along with the Bellevue American Legion Post are in the process repairing old tombstones at the  Old City of Bellevue Cemetery.

Just passed the City of Bellevue sign, an old city treasure is tucked away.  Revealed only by a metal gate, lies a Cemetery…an old and weathers home to hundreds of the cities earliest settlers.

And home to a man hoping to bring their stories back to life.

“That’s right, That name Houselog is an old, old name is Bellevue” Said Frank Wetzstein, member of the Bellevue Rotary Club.

Frank Wetzstein is a history buff and former cement worker, who moved to Bellevue 15 years ago. He is a member of the cities Rotary Club, a club working to bring back life to damaged tombstones.

“We excavate to frost depth, fill that with concrete form a base on top of the ground insert the stone upright in the base.” Said Wetzstein.

Restoring the old, shattered, and weathered tombstones has been an ongoing process for the group since 2009. So far, over 94 tombstones have been restored, leaving the group 30 tombstones left to finish.

“We hope to be done by 2013” Said Wetzstein.

A cemetery with rich history, brought back to life one tombstone at a time.

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