POP by for wall-to-wall music on Friday night

Looking for something to do for family weekend that you can enjoy with your whole family? The annual concert “Dessert Pops” at Loras college is going to take place this Friday Sep. 28th at 6 p.m. in the ACC Ballrooms.  Hosted as an event on family weekend for not only choir students, but for all people to enjoy. There will be a wide variety of performances from the Loras college jazz band, Duhawkapella, and various student performances. This concert will be the first of the year for new Choral director, Dr. Jeremiah Cawley, who has been a most capable addition to our music program.

“A special concert for family weekend where Loras students showcase their skills in popular music playing guitar or piano, and singing musical theater and jazz. Along with the music we serve dessert and coffee.” Dr. Cawley said, describing the concert.

This concert is rather unique, students are able to audition with songs they know and love. As a result, the acts are all wildly different and fun. From musical theatre pieces such as “Still Hurting” from the musical “The Last Five Years”, as well as “What Baking Can Do” from “Waitress”. But there is also some pop music such as “Sound of Silence” and “Stereo Hearts”.

“There is a wide variety of songs, there are some big band tunes, there are songs from both recent and historically important musicals, there are a couple of country-western songs and there are some top 40 hits.” Dr. Glenn Pohland, the Loras Jazz Band director, commented.

While Dr. Cawley said “… a couple of acapella pieces, some jazz pieces, obviously some pop pieces, and maybe even a special appearance of a Loras Faculty.”  Dr. Pohland will also be conducting some jazz standards that he hopes will get the audience up and dancing.

“Dessert Pops is a concert aimed at showcasing individuals and small ensembles’ talents of our gifted music students here at Loras.” Dr. Pohland said when asked about what this concert is.

This title “Dessert Pops” is well deserved because there will be desserts as well as coffee, lemonade, and water served with the purchase of a ticket. A new addition this year is a cocktail cash bar that opens at 5 p.m. for those of age. Dr. Pohland encouraged students, faculty and family to attend.

“It’s a very enjoyable evening of music, like I’ve said, there is a great variety of styles and music that is presented and just a great time, and you can eat some desserts, you can even have a cocktail beforehand if you want to, while just enjoying the talents of our students” Dr. Pohland said.

“I think it’s going to be a fun night of music, but I think it is good for students to come support their friends. But mostly there’s dessert, everyone likes dessert.” Dr. Cawley said in closing. The choral program is very enthusiastic to be presenting this concert and hopes to encourage a love of music in the community.

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