Austin Lowry-Luther Takes on Paris

DUBUQUE- Austin Lowry-Luther found his passion for art when he took a trip to China as a young boy. While there, he learned about the culture and customs of art. Now that he has been perfecting his craft for many years, it has finally paid off. He sent three pieces of art and all three were accepted into an exhibit at Gallery Metanoya in Paris. This exhibition titled “A Single Grain of Rice” will run from December 19 to January 9. This will be an excellent opportunity for Austin to really see how he stacks up with artists from around the world.

“If I have the opportunity to actually travel there and see it in person, I think that would really be motivation to keep making work,” said Austin.

Austin is very proud of his work, but he explains that an artist’s biggest critic is themselves. For the most part, everything can always use some touching up.

“If I had time, I would change every single one of my pieces of art. A piece of art is never really finished,” said Austin.

I must say I was privileged enough to see his works and I was very impressed. He is a very talented artist and Paris better watch out for this guy. Austin is something special.

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