Austim Awarness Month: The Iverson Family

DUBUQUE, IA –  It’s game night for Krista Iverson, her husband and their three children.  And tonight, their favorite game UNO is on the table.

But over the past 10 years, Krista and her husband have been delt a few wild cards of their own.  Their two sons, Josh and Timmy, were both diagnosed with autism.

“Our oldest was two and a half and was talking, he hit all his regular milestones. To us he didn’t show the signs of autism, we just thought he needed speech therapy,” said Krista Iverson. “For our second son Josh, it was even more of a slow process because he wasn’t talking as much but he had good eye contact.”

Much like the game UNO has a vast sepctrum of colors, Autism has a vast spectrum of developmental and mental disorders.

“Each of the categories that are indicitive of the challenge can have everything from the mild to sever to moderate, and it changes over their life span,” explained Alyson Beytien, Behavioral Specialist at Mercy Hospital’s Austism Center.

Although delt an uneasy hand, Krista Iverson and her husband say they wouldn’t have it any other way.  “They’re very happy kids, and fun, so we can’t complain too much!”

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