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Calling all millennials and anyone seeking financial advice are you managing your finances? You’ve come to the right place! Last Thursday, March 21st the Loras College Noonan School of Business and the Student Chapter hosted a Financial Networking event.

It featured a morning of interview opportunities, different presentations from firm representatives, and various speakers. Among the speakers was financial expert Erin Lowry.

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Lowry is the author of “Broke Millennial: Getting Your Financial Life Together”  and she travels across the world providing advice to college students and different generations about the importance of navigating and managing your finances. Lowry has made many television appearances including, CBS News Sunday Morning and Fox News.

Lowry gave an interactive presentation on“Getting Financially Naked with your Partner” which she discussed the importance of managing your finances.

This event was open to Loras College students and the Dubuque community interested in learning more about financial management.

Among the different financial advice in her book, Lowry highlighted one important piece of advice for college students.

“Even if you aren’t making a ton of money right now or when you first graduate college you only have two options when it comes to money either you control your money or your money controls you and you don’t have to make a lot of it to be in control but you do have to educate yourself,” Lowry said.

Lowry’s latest installation of Broke Millennial hits shelves April 9, 2019!

To watch the extended interview with Erin Lowry, click here.

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Asia Singleton is a senior at Loras from Chicago, IL. She currently works as a reporter and producer for LCTV News. Asia is majoring in Media Studies.

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