Apple vs. FBI phone hacking debate

DUBUQUE – In response to the recent terrorist attack in San Bernardino, the FBI has reached out to Apple and asked for their assistance in unlocking the iPhone of one of the shooters involved in the attack.

Apple has refused this request.

This debate, which is now going to court, has many individuals confused and also concerned for their own privacy.

To answer some of these questions, Director of Pre-Law Programming at Loras College, Deone Merkel, attempted to explain exactly what it is that the government is after.

“They’re asking Apple to create a hack, a new piece of software. They’re asking them to essentially invent a way to gain information as opposed to ‘Here’s the information that we already have.'”

LCTV was interested in what Loras students thought about this issue, given that Apple products are quite a common sight around campus. Responses ranged from, ‘it is definitely an invasion of privacy,’ to supporting the idea, but ‘only if it would help prevent terrorism.’ Sophomore Connor Swier lent some of his insightful thoughts,”If you’re not doing anything illegal you shouldn’t really have anything to fear.”

A survey was also sent around to students, and it was discovered that forty-nine percent agreed with Apple’s decision not to comply with the FBI’s request. Even so, Merkel stressed that we don’t have all the information in this particular case, and despite what the public believes, “It’s been pretty established in the interest of national security that government can often get information that’s out there.”

And perhaps what is even more important to realize is even if the FBI’s request goes through, it would not necessarily apply to the general public.

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Rachel Choice is a senior from Batavia, IL. She reports for LCTV News and acts as Director for SportsZone as well as Producer for LCTV+, the online social media presence for News. Rachel hopes to one day work in film and television production, and chose Loras as the perfect school to gain the experience she couldn’t receive elsewhere.

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