Antioch retreat

Darby Callahan (TheLorian)

If you are looking to grow in your faith and friendships, there is a retreat coming to Loras College campus. The retreat is called Antioch, named after the city in which the followers of Christ were first called Christians, according to Acts 11:26. The retreat will be from March 5 to March 7 on campus. The cost of the retreat will be 20 dollar cash or a check written out to Loras College. Antioch is the main retreat offered by Loras College Spiritual Life. There will be talks, adoration, small groups, and fun activities to get to know each other.

If one is on the fence about attending, think about the joy and peace that will come when God’s message works through the speakers and small group leaders. Many people learn a lot on their Antioch retreats, and first year students can benefit. There’s a special sense of peace, especially coming together as a community of Catholics. Many students are able to grow into their spirituality. Regardless of whatever year one is in, it’s encouraged to attend the 2021 Antioch Retreat.

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