An Unexpected Blessing

DUBUQUE, IOWA – First year Kylie DeWees is much more than a tennis player at Loras College. Two years ago when the Sandy Hook shooting occurred, she was incredibly torn up about it. Instead of heading straight for the tennis court to relieve some stress, Kylie took a different route…straight to the new piano in her family room.

She says “Oh theres a new piano in our house! and so I went over to the piano because I hadn’t played it.”

Not longer after, Kylie started to compose songs as if she were a virtuoso.

Her mother says that “this is a God given talent and you need to do good with it.”

For Kylie, expressing her emotions was not one of her favorite things, but after learning the piano she uses it as an outlet to really express how she feels. “Since Sandy Hook, it has changed my life.”

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