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DUBUQUE, IA – Last Sunday marked the beginning of AmeriCorps week, celebrating members of the program and the service they provide.  AmeriCorps is know for providing a diverse range of community support, and AmeriCorps in Dubuque has specifically refocused its attention on education for grade-level learning with their program, Partners in Learning.

Local AmeriCorps members serve in Dubuque elementary schools as academic reading tutors for children in kindergarten up to third grade.  These tutors are trained to use the same interventions as certified teachers.  They work with children who are considered Tier 2, kids who may not be strong readers and who, without that support, could wind up as Tier 3.

Heather Satterly, the Program Director of AmeriCorps in Dubuque, states, “For a lot of our schools who aren’t Title I, there is no funding to provide that additional support in that Tier 2 category, so that’s where our members step in.”

Since Dubuque’s program start up in 2000, AmeriCorps members have put in over 440,000 hours of service in the Dubuque community.  For a list of the Americorps position openings currently available in Dubuque, check out AmeriCorp’s website.

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Caroline Breitbach is a a sophomore at Loras College studying Media Studies and English Creative Writing. She is a reporter for LCTV News. She is serves as the Secretary and Treasurer of the Guild of St. Genesius.

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