America’s true Black history: a look into Black History Month


The history that we know, may not be as it seems.

Fred Saffold, founder of the True Black History Museum, spoke today about the challenges of being Black in America. He presented a virtual lecture about, “What They Didn’t Teach You in History Class.”

Fred Saffold
Founder of the True Black History Museum

Throughout his talk, Saffold shows images and artifacts that proves the history of racism in our nation. Saffold touched on topics including past and present day racism seen in America.

He wasn’t here to only educate students about Black history, but also challenge them to better advocates.

Saffold is calling Loras students to let their voices be heard on and off campus through clubs, organizations, and other forms of activism.

Bella Barrios, Student Life Program Coordinator, wants to participate in this change.

“A lot of the curriculum that is covered in the United States isn’t completely accurate,” Barrios said. “We want to make sure we have our program to be able to educate our student and give them a deeper view of the black culture and to celebrate it.”

To kick off the start of the Black History Month programming, Student Life gave people the basics by bringing Saffold to explain Black history in America.

Student Life plans to collaborate with a different student organizations every week through out Black history Month.

They have planned everything from movies, trivia, and craft nights to spark conversations around a topic that is uncomfortable for some.

Every week students should receive an email detailing the events planned for that week. The Loras community can sign up or participate virtually.

Get ready to rethink our country’s history.

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