ALS Donation Controversy

DUBUQUE, IA – Dubuque’s Archbishop is expressing concerns about donations to the ALS Association. The Association has seen a dramatic increase in donations due to the wildly popular Ice Bucket Challenge on social media.

Archbishop Michael Jackels released an official statement, which you can read here, encouraging individuals taking part in the Ice Bucket Challenge to send their donations to the John Paul II Research Institute instead. His request is due to the fact that the ALS Association participates in stem cell research which he states goes against Catholic moral teaching.

Archbishop Jackels is not the only one to express these concerns and the ALS Association has responded with an official statement, which you can read here. They insist that while they do participate in stem cell research, donors may stipulate that their funds not be used in any stem cell project. To learn more about each organization, click on the links below.

The ALS Association

The John Paul II Medical Research Institute

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