UPDATE: Report of Shots Fired Near Loras College

Update 1:22 pm 4/3/14

DUBUQUE – Dubuque Police are investigating reports of shots fired near Loras College.

Police say they received reports of possible gunshots on Pickett Street at 10:20 p.m Wednesday night. Pickett Street is one block east of lower campus.

LCTV News was at the scene. We spoke with a Loras student who witnessed the incident and notified police.

“I was outside on the phone and two cars hit each other and then I heard about four or five shots and then I ducked inside a house over there,” said Brian Flynn. “And the cars hit each other again and the front license plate fell off the car and I saw that, so then I immediately called the police”

Dubuque police confirm that two vehicles were involved in some form of an altercation, but cannot confirm whether or not this altercation was related to the gunshots. They tell LCTV News that the shooter was believed to be on foot.

Police say they found bullet casings at the scene, but there were no bullet markings or damage. They say no one was injured.

When asked why the campus was not put on lockdown, Officer Russ Stecklein explained that the school makes the final decision on whether to go on lockdown, based on a recommendation from the police department. Stecklein says at the time of the report, they did not recommend a lockdown because there was no verification of shots fired in the area.

Dubuque Police say the incident is not related to Loras College and they do not believe the crime involved Loras students. They say it was a local feud. Police say they did receive a report of shots fired near Jackson and 15th Streets, less than 5 minutes before the Pickett Street report came in, but they did not find any evidence to support that claim.

There are no suspects in custody at this time. Investigators are following multiple leads.


Posted 12:30 am 4/3/2014

BREAKING NEWS – An active crime scene investigation is underway on Henion Street near Loras College.

7 squad cars and 9 police officers surrounded an area ranging from Pickett street to Loras Boulevard late Wednesday night.

Neighbors told our crew at the scene that they heard  5 to 6 gunshots around 10:15 pm.  Bullet shell casings were found at the scene. Police are not releasing any details at this time.

Investigation by Dubuque Law Enforcement is still going on.  Check back for updates.

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