Acting like Spring

The spring play is right around the corner, and just in time for Valentine’s Day. This Thursday through Saturday, Feb. 14 – 16, join the Loras Players in the St. Joseph’s auditorium as they perform the 2019 Spring Play of “Hedda Gabler”, written by Henrik Ibsen. Junior Brigid Flaherty, a member of the cast said,

“It’s a drama that focuses on the main character, Hedda Gabler, who is newly married and is trying to fit into her new lifestyle. As if her new husband and in-laws weren’t enough for her to grapple with a couple people from her past show up too. There’s a mix of love, anger, manipulation, and desire for power in this play.”

The crew first auditioned for the play back in September along with the Fall play. They did not get their roles, however, until later in the semester. They began practicing in November and have been working on it tirelessly ever since. With an experienced crew, the players will be ready to put on a show.

“I think most of the cast and crew are eager to perform the show, it has been a long process. We know it is a drama, but it deals with some heavy subject matter so I think we are still getting used to being so serious. The Loras Players love to have fun, but we know we have to be serious too. We want to make sure we put enough emotions behind our lines. This drama is quite the opposite from the fall play, “Around the World in 80 Days”. I’m very excited for this play. I haven’t been in one since the fall of my first year here at Loras” said Flaherty.

The cast includes: The cast includes Caroline Breitbach (Hedda), Ervin Yahr III (Tesman), Morgan Muenster (Brack), Brigid Flaherty (Thea), Skye Miller (Lovborg), Amber Krieg (Julie), and Emily Lemire (Berta), with stage management by Amelia Foley, production assistance and costume design by Jake Heelein, and direction, scenic, lighting and sound design by assistant professor Ryan M. Decker. As the clock ticks, the excitement and nerves become all the more real.

Brigid said, “I keep looking over my script just in case I forget anything, but I’m looking forward to performing. I believe the cast and crew is comfortable and hitting our stride. We’re getting over any bumps in the road and the cast knows their lines, though sometimes we second guess ourselves or jump the gun. It’s hard to believe that we perform this week, but I know we’re ready. Ervin is very excited for his performance and says “tell [everyone] I’m a feature!” His humor always makes for a joyful night of performing.”

Loras students can get into the show for free with their student ID’s. The stage will be set in ‘black-box,’ meaning the audience will be up close and personal with the scenes, getting the opportunity to look in from three sides. There will be limited seating so prepare accordingly and arrive early.

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