Accomplished broadcaster: You must refine yourself

Bill Bolster, a 1967 graduate of Loras College, returned to campus on Tuesday to share his life experiences with three classes and other interested students, faculty, and staff.
He began his sessions with, “I am here to speak from my personal view rather than business.” It matters more of “who I am rather then what I am.”

Bolster said identifies strongly with Loras and that it is his life mission to give Loras the credit it deserves.

Bolster’s resume is decorated with accomplishments. He began his career by joining “the guy sitting next to him in class” to work at KDTH in Dubuque, broadcasting high school basketball and football games.

He later transferred to KWWL in Waterloo, and followed that up by becoming the president and general manager of
WNBC-TV and later CEO of CNBC, where he helped create CNBC International.

Bolster also was inducted to the Iowa Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame this past June for his contributions to radio and television broadcasting.
When sophomore Casey Flack asked during Bolster’s discussion,

“What is one thing Loras students can do to expand their Loras experience?” Bolster replied, “If this is the last stop before the real world, you should work out your personality and your skill-sets. You must always refine yourself.”

Bolster said he never thought college was important until he realized how it shaped him. He said he was a “C” student throughout school and even took “biology three times.”

Yet Bolster was immensely successful in personal and private life. He wishes all students would “embrace their roots” because he “believes and supports Loras.” He repeated this many times.

“Even though we are not an elite school, like Harvard and Princeton, we still make a huge impact on the world. What makes them unique is their connections in New York, which is why I come back because I wish to be a network for Loras.”

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